L’anza Heal & Restore Holiday 2022 Gift Set


Heal & Restore

Travel Size, Full Size


LANZA Keratin Healing Oil Heal & Restore Gift Set

LANZA Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Shampoo: An ultra-rich, creamy shampoo that provides gentle cleansing, adds body & volume while protecting hair colour. Its super-concentrated healing actives restore hair’s healthy strength and replenishes optimal moisture. Hair is left soft, smooth and lustrous.

LANZA Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Conditioner: An ultra-luxurious, daily healing conditioner that replenisheshair’s optimal moisture while restoring elasticity and shine. The super-concentrated actives builds hair strength, leaving hair soft, smooth & lustrous.

LANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment is a volumizing oil that provides flexible body & bounce while adding a brilliant shine without weight.

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